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The conference has a block of 14 rooms reserved at Hotel Academica, a University facility at 20 minute walk from the conference site. Each room has two twin beds, shower, fridge and TV. The rate is 25€ a night. Reservations are made only through us, on the basis of the list of names and dates we send (first come first serve). So please let us know a.s.a.p. what your dates are and if you would consider sharing the room with another participant.


Other affordable options are Hanul lui Manuc [ website ] and Hotel Rembrandt [ website ]

More information on hotels and apartments for rent is available [ here ]





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Airport - Hotel

The international airport near Bucharest is OTOPENI. Please check the customs regulations for your own country for visa requirements [ e.g. here ] From the airport, you need to take a taxi to the hotel. It is preferable to opt for official companies (e.g., Fly, Taxi 2000, Cobalcescu, Meridian, Cristaxi, Confort), especially if you need a receipt. The official price runs up to RON 50. There are also unauthorized drivers offering their services, and they generally end up charging you a bit more and being unable to write it down for you as a receipt.



A group of us intend to go to the mountains after the conference. Anybody is welcome to join us. The plan is to leave Bucharest on June 28th in the morning by train, going to Sinaia, in the Bucegi mountains (in the general direction of Brasov). The return, by train, would be on June 30th in the afternoon. The train trip Bucharest-Sinaia takes less than two hours, and a return ticket is approx. RON 43. Activities for these 2,5 days include a ride on cable car, hiking, visits to the Peles Palace and the Enescu house, a visit to Brasov and Poiana Brasov, and eating in a few restaurants with authentic ethnic cuisine (these are only suggestions, everybody is free to do what they see fit with their time). We would like to make arrangements for accommodation, but we need to know how many takers we have. Please let us know by May 1. For info and pictures on Sinaia see [ website1 ] or [ website2 ]



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Presently, Romanian prices can be read (and negotiated) in three currencies: ROL, RON and EUR.

ROL = Romanian Lei, the old currency.

RON = Romanian New Lei, the very new currency.

At this time, the currency converter [ website ] gives these values:
1 RON = 10,000.00 ROL
1 EUR = 3.5 RON
1 CAD = 2.5 RON

There are bank machines all over Bucharest compatible with credit and debit cards of all denominations, although they will only deliver RON/ROLs. Many restaurants and shopping facilities accept credit cards. There is no need to carry large amounts of cash on you.







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